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At Calgary Framing Inc., we pride ourselves by offering clients both traditional construction methods and solutions. With fresh, creative and advanced approaches to project designs and goals. Our approach is designed to bring the best solution to solve your needs. From Major renovations to medium and small projects, our expertise spans across all the aspects of the construction, renovation and improvement.

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The Most Dedicated, and Reliable in Contracting Services

Calgary Framing Inc. provides services for;

  • Office & building renovations, design (including image design), and restoration services
  • Commercial office: Retail / Lobbies / Lounge rooms / Restaurants and bars / Spas
  • New commercial buildings and office design and construction
  • Project management / construction management
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Our Mission

Framers Calgary provides a high level of quality service and professionalism without compromise. Our business is dedicated to innovative, creative and contemporary solutions for clients, attention to detail and quality workmanship. We pride ourselves on our reputation and continued excellence in our field. We welcome the most challenging problems and tackle them with innovative and creative solutions no matter the size. We sincerely believe whatever our customer’s visions, dreams or ideas are; we are here to make them a reality, with a solid commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Don't put off the Mold problem any longer! Did you know about some of the problems mold can cause on yours and your family members health? Check out some info below:

  • Chronic Lung Dieseases such as Obstructive Lung Diesease
  • Upper Respitory Problems
  • Can Increase Asthmas effects on an Individual
  • Skin Irritation
  • Loss of appetite

In a family home or office building, the first priority should always be safety. With Calgary Framing Inc., you will recieve a clear state of mind knowing that we are the best in the business, and here to make your family/employees feel safe.

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